Benefits of Using Breathalysers for Alcohol Test

Breathalyzers are hand-held and portable devices which are used for detection of alcohol for employees, students and other suspects of drinking under the influence. These gadgets help in maintaining sober minds for all people who are working or driving. For instance, when drivers learn that someone is checking their alcohol content them they will not take any alcohol hence they will promote sanity on the roads.

Research has indicated that most road fatalities that occur on the roads are usually caused by DUI drivers.To avoid taking alcohol and driving you can purchase the breathalyser that you can use to determine alcohol content before you can drive home. Using a breathalyser for alcohol detection has a lot of benefits, and they are as discussed in this article.

Help in promoting conducive work environment

Employees who take a lot of alcohol will tend to work less hence lowering the production of the company. terfvvSimilarly, such individuals will have increased absenteeism and can cause accidents while they are working in the office or the industry. A drunken individual will also hurt himself or herself and also will hurt the fellow workers because the person is not in his or her perfect state of mind. However, having a breathalyzer in the place of work will ensure the place is safe to work in and will cause increased production.

Very versatile

Breathalyzers do not have restrictions on the place to use them. You can use these devices in your place of work to test for employees who have taken alcohol. At the same time, breathalyzers can be used on the road to detect the drivers who have taken alcohol and have chosen to drive. A breathalyzer at work will ensure that there are no disruptions because of alcohol. These gadgets are an easy alternative for checking on alcohol that an individual has consumed.

Highly portable

ytgvvcOne of the significant advantages of breathalysers is that they are portable. This means that they can be easily carried around. You will not worry about carrying yours when you are going out somewhere. The breathalysers can fit most pockets, bags or purses. This will ensure that whichever carrier material you have you will not worry about how to carry your breathalyser.

Offer quicker results

Conventionally testing somebody for alcohol content in the body would take hours before you could get the results. The procedure involved blood test which was to take some time before you get the results. However, with the new technology determining whether an individual has taken alcohol or not, you should use a breathalyzer.…

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How To Select The Right Dab Rig

Cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, and hash oil has become quite popular. There are several methods or techniques of consuming these forms of cannabis. The most popular one is dabbing. This involved incinerating concentrates on a heated nail and then inhaling the vapor. Dab rigs are similar to bongs with the main difference being the heating element.

tg2wed76cyc8iu22Dab rigs appear intimidating. However, if you want to experience concentrates’ full effects and flavor, they are the best to choose. It is possible to find cheap dab rigs that offer great functionality. When choosing a dab rig, there are some factors you need to consider. For instance, you need to check whether you have the right amount of money required. Other things to consider include accessories, material, and design.

Choosing a dab rig


Aesthetically, the dab rig you choose should be smooth to hit and pleasing. Remember that beauty is subjective. Glass is clear and focuses on the function rather than form. Nowadays, there are scientific dab rigs, which include different innovations that are meant to improve the hit. There is an argument that you should not sacrifice form for function. The rigs are focused on the function, which also features details such as worked sections, colored glass, and marbles.


This is the most important factor that will determine how your dab rig will function. Remember that nails are made of quartz, ceramics, or titanium. Titanium nails are regarded as most durable and standard for the solvent-based concentrates. However, ceramic and quartz are ideal for preserving the flavor of concentrates such as ice wax and cold-water hash.

tgwed7cuwse8ci22Most nails are designed to be domeless, just bare ceramics or metal. The good thing about a domeless nail is that it is meant to work with a dome by offering a large cup with a hole at the center, which allows for suction. While dabbing, high heat is inevitable. At some point, you may burn yourself.

Ceramic and quartz nails are designed to be self-cleaning pieces. Thus, a large part of residue from previous dab will burn off when you heat it up with the torch. The nails also need a lot of attention. You need to heat them evenly and thorough for appropriate cleaning. Also, you need to ensure that they are stable. You should leave them to cool for about 20 seconds before taking another dab.

Every medium will cool and heat at a different rate. However, you should hold the hand away from the heat.…

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