Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer By Learning About These Photography Styles

However, in order to find the one that will suit your needs the best, you should take some time to learn about the most popular photography styles commonly used for wedding photography. This will not only make your search easier but also make your wedding day go much smoother too.

Furthermore, it is also very important to let your wedding photographer know what you expect. However, before that, you should ask them about their preferred style of photography. To help you understand their answer, we will go through some of the photography styles and cover them in greater detail.

The classic approach

This one is also known as the “traditional” approach. In this case, the photographer will rely on a “shot list”. That way, they will ensure that they cover all the standard aspects that are often requested.


The photojournalistic style

This style involves spontaneous or candid pictures of the venue decor and your guests. Here, you will hardly see people assuming various poses in front of the camera. If you want your photos to tell a story and capture genuine moments, you should opt for a photographer that specializes in this style. Such a photographer will be able to easily blend into the crowd, while at the same time always being in the center of the action.

Fine art

If you come across a photographer who claims they are a Fine Artist, that can actually mean a number of things. But, more often than not, it means that they prefer to have complete control over the scenes, so as to create personally inspiring images. In some cases, this can cause mixed feelings with your guests, who may feel like nothing more than simple props. Even though the photos may end up stunning and gorgeous, they can also end up looking muted or grainy. If you are looking for a more creative, artistic, and dramatic approach, make sure to find a photographer who will proudly display their work. Also, when working with artists, don’t try to fit them into a certain mold. Instead, take them as they are.

The portrait approach

This one typically involves posed shots of you and your significant other, your family, and your friends. Sometimes, wedding photographers will view your wedding reception as a real photo session. Also, keep in mind that some photographers will put you and your future spouse in all the formal poses and traditional places.

The natural light style

The photographers who prefer this style rely heavily on natural light found in a given setting, typically sunlight, instead of using flashes. This style results in photos that look somewhat muted but warm. For this style to work as intended, you will need an experienced and skillful photographer, who knows exactly where to look for the perfect lighting, and who knows how to overcome lighting challenges.


The illustrative approach

This one represents a blend of the photojournalistic and the traditional style. It emphasizes background, lighting, and composition, and is mainly used for engagement photos. Here, a photographer will try to find interesting environments and encourage you and your partner to interact and relax. Therefore, it represents a good combination of technicality and spontaneity.…

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