It all started here.
In the 1920’s, Burbank began to flourish with aviation and entertainment. Both industries came to Burbank because of its location and the available space. The motion picture business moved to Burbank starting with First National Pictures who bought a 78 acre site. The company was soon taken over by another young company founded by four brothers by the name of Warner. Other companies soon followed. Among them, Columbia Pictures and Walt Disney’s company.

Today Burbank is the preeminent media and entertainment city. The grandeur of its skyline is comprised of the world’s best studios and production houses. Burbank prides itself on a high quality of life, combining 21st century technology with small-town feel. It is here that great films are made. It is here that our illustrious film festival resides. The Burbank International Film Festival captures its home city’s rich history and movie making magic by promoting fresh pieces of cinematic art by up and coming filmmakers from around the globe. We shine a light on the brilliant unknown talents of today, leading them to become the celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow.

The Burbank Film Festival is a socially and environmentally conscious film festival. Human, animal, and environmental causes are of the utmost importance to all those involved with the festival. We commend those filmmakers that shed light on important issues that impact our world. The festival features a Socially Conscious category. Change the world, one film at a time.

The Burbank Film Festival is a California non-profit operating as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation.