A good photographer is more than just the typical mastering your camera or owning the latest and most expensive camera gear. It is about the inherent qualities that allow you to see beauty in the most unexpected places and use that opportunity to capture that beauty that you see in a photograph. What exactly makes a good photographer? This entirely depends on what photography niche you are in because every niche requires different and desirable qualities. For example, sports photographers need to be able to be quick, strong, agile and able to get the best shots as well as the way a pet photographer needs to know how to interact with animals and develop a connection with them properly to get a good Photo Visual. Here are some attributes.

Creativity And Imagination

Photography is a form of art. Therefore, it requires a very creative mind that has plenty of imagination. A good photographer must be able to look beyond in the sense that when they look at something ordinary or even extra ordinary, they can have the ability to find a million ways to interpret what he is seeing and convey those interpretations in beautiful and meaningful photos.
The composition is everything when it comes to photography. Even if you are not concerned about the artistic side of your craft, then that is where composition comes in as it is the key to creating good photographs. Some basic composition rules are there to guide you, but at the end of the day, creativity and imagination are the best guides to have a stellar composition.

Patience And Flexibility

Sometimes it is normal to try and control variables but as much as you try things just will not go your way most of the times because there will be some days when the lighting will not cooperate. Sometimes, the clients or models will be difficult to work with, or even the camera will not give you the results that you want. There will also be a time where you will have to take a billion photos just to get one perfect photo which is quite the norm in photography.Whatever photography field you decide to venture in, you will require lots and lots of patience, and generally, it is always essential to have patience. You will especially need to be patient enough to keep trying when you simply cannot get the right shot, and this tends to happen most of the time. You will need to be patient with crying babies, difficult clients, and hyper animals because that is how your character is built.