The Best Electric SG Guitar Kits For Building Your Guitar

It is sometimes boring for an avid guitar player to keep on using the same line guitars in production. You may want to stand out from the rest of the performers. And the best way to amaze your audience is through building yourself a personalized guitar. There are varieties of guitar kits that range from acoustic guitar kits to electric guitar kits. You can use your SG guitar kits to build a wonderful guitar which has modified and unique style that can help to create your very own signature. In fact, you can turn very cheap parts of a guitar to make an iconic model of electronic guitar.

It is wise and less expensive to build your personalized guitar using quality SG guitar kits availed by different dealers. There many varieties of electric SG guitar kits in the market, ranging from amateur and friendly packages to the premium and expensive tone wood kits. The following article will address the best electric SG guitar kits for building your guitar.

Buying guitar kits online

Guitar Fetish Kit

You can always own inspired guitar by purchasing this particular kit. It has a laminated maple on the front and back. It also possesses a flamed maple which is carved at the top. It is delivered as an unfinished kit which allows you design every part in your way and creativity.


Guitar Fetish kit is designed in a way that follows its original design whereby the center block and set neck is intact. It bottom requires wood-crafting. Therefore, you must have some knowledge and spiced up creativity to personalize your guitar model. You should take your time to research to come up with an instrument of choice.

Alston Guitar kit series

This is one of the most preferred SG guitar kits for rock and metal diehards. The Alston kit series allows you to make your own and unique signature that is modified to a V-shape guitar. This shape alone can help to customize your match to the attitude and even the style of play. Its body is made of mahogany wood which is carved flat to appear like a typical and rock inspired guitar.

Like other rock guitars, it comes with at least two humbuckers with a three route switch. The humbuckers are linked with volume and tone adjustment knobs. Most bodies of these kits are chrome themed. You have the ability to decide on the finishing you would like. They are an affordable set of electronic guitar kits.


Albatross Guitars

The third model is called the albatross which is designed for those with medium knowledge on woodworking o tools. This is the best choice if you want to come up with a guitar that has nice looking contours. It has that raw feel which grants you full control and freedom towards designing you preferred guitar.

The most conspicuous feature is the LP style with a single cutaway body. This body is carved from mahogany wood to bring out an elegantly arched flamed the maples from the top. Its body should be put together to a maple neck and then topped by rosewood board which gives it an amazing trapezoidal look. This kit is affordable, and less effort is put to finish building it.…

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