Things To Look At When Buying A Router Table

If you have used a router before, you know that it is not very easy to work with a router without a router table. Router tables are a must have both for professional and for hobbyists. Ideally, a router table is a router that is mounted upside down on a flat table surface. A router table converts the router into a situational machine. This makes the whole process safe, fast, and efficient. What does one look at when buying a router table? Read on.

Factors to consider when buying a router table

Table surface

A good router table should have a rigid and flat surface. These two qualities have a significanttyukyki6tr8o impact on the precision and quality of work. As a woodworker, the symmetry of table has a direct impact on the quality of cuttings made. On the other hand, rigidity prevents the table from flexing downwards, which can also lead to symmetry issues. When it comes to rigidity, it is advisable to choose a table made from cast iron. Solid phenolic resin is a better alternative if you do not have money to buy an iron table.

Precise fencing

The fence is used to control the cut. It is the surface against which you will press the work piece as the router does the cutting. As such, you need to look for a fence that is precise to achieve the right cuttings. One-piece and two-piece fencing are the main types of fences.


Any router table should have a solid base. The type of base chosen has a direct impact on the quality of your work. The base of the router table serves to reduce the vibrations or movements of the router during the cutting process. As such, having a massive base has the effect of absorbing these vibrations for precise cuttings. Therefore, if you do not want a wobbly table, get a table with a sturdy base.

Level base plate

AsDAsaSSAThe base plate is the attachment where the router is attached to. As such, the quality of the base plate has a direct impact on the quality or precision of your work. The base plate should be rigid and sturdy for it to hold the weight of the router.

Before the purchase of a router table, it is advisable to factor in the tips and insights provided in this article.…

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