New Media/Webisode Judges

LisaNova (Lisa Donovan)

YouTube's LisaNova (Lisa Donovan) burst onto the New Media scene in 2006 and now boasts over half a million subscribers and nearly 200 million channels views at She parlayed her comedic success into a gig on the network show Mad TV and continues her pioneering work via Maker Studios established by YouTube independent content creators.

Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson is an award-winning filmmaker, and creator, writer, director of the Indie TV series Vampire Mob now in its second season. Wilson's short The Swear Police won its category at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival and his short Tickle Me Harder was described by Gawker as “a celebrity sex tape worth our time.” Wilson also made international news by auctioning a “Jar of Celebrity Air” on eBay, which became an international news event and the subject of his one-man show..