Screenplay Judges

Denise Cruz-Castino

Denise Cruz-Castino is a veteran copy writer for Los Angeles's biggest ad firms, who turned a foray in screenwriting into a career. Denise sold the short script The Fountain to Disney, then created the dramedy Five Weddings now in development for Uniglobe Entertainment, as well as a docudrama in development with Dempsey Productions. Her current comedy Knock Out is at Disney Feature Animation.

Andy Glickman

Andy Glickman is a veteran screenwriter, having worked in both television and film as a sitcom staff writer and feature writer. His credits include Mad About You, Grounded for Life and Herman's Head. He has also script-doctored several short and full-length films.

Silvia Kratzer

Silvia Kratzer is a professor of Film, Television, and Digital Media at Chapman University and frequently teaches at UCLA and Pepperdine University. She has served as a jury member and as a film programmer of numerous national and international film festivals. Recently, she has expanded her German-US film co-production and distribution network as a German Film Liaison in Los Angeles.

Billie Jo Mason

Screenwriter Billie Jo Mason has worked as story analyst for William Morris Talent Agency, Michael Ovitz's Artists Management Group, 20th Century Fox, Radiant, All Girl Productions, Sony and Lakeshore Entertainment, as well as reader for the Walt Disney Fellowship and the Hollywood Symposium Screenplay Competition. She has worked in the story departments at Hollywood Pictures and MGM. She has an MA in Screenwriting and has taught at CSUN, and is completing her MFA at the University of California, Riverside in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts.

Pennie Orcutt

Pennie Orcutt, star of independent film, commercials and soap operas started producing plays, showcases and small film to showcase the work of her and her friends. Pennie now has many productions under her belt, including Face Down In the Family Pool, which won several festival awards and was four-walled at Edwards Cinema. Death By Engagement is now running on Showtime and her follow-up Little Fish, Strange Pond, starring Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin and Zach Galifanakis, will be released by Lions Gate Entertainment this year.