Awards, Prizes and Scholarships

Write Brothers, Inc.

A whopping 23 copies of Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 will go to filmmakers and one copy of Screenplay Stuido to the winning scriptwriter.

In 1994, the Write Brothers were honored with the first (and only) Academy Technical Achievement Award granted to a screenwriting program! Since then, Movie Magic Budgeting and Movie Magic Scheduling/Breakdown, were nominated for Academy Technical Achievement Awards. These program quickly became the industry standard tools for the production of film and television. Over 90% of the films you've seen in the last ten years used software originally developed by The Write Brothers.

Bella Fe Films/FrameForge Previz/BIFF 2012 Development Scholarship

One SCREENPLAY finalist from BIFF 2010 will be awarded:
One FrameForge Pre-Viz Core Package
A $500 Pre-viz Development Scholarship

One finalist will receive one CORE PACKAGE from FrameForge Pre-viz software, and $500 cash from Bella Fe Films via BIFF to develop a Pre-viz'd short to be featured at next year's festival.

FrameForge Previz Studio

Two finalists will win:
One Pro package, OR one Core package

FrameForge Previz Studio 3 enables you to create a virtual 3D set in your computer with the freedom to place any number of virtual cameras in any placement, angle or height desired. It's more than storyboarding, it's Previz!

Movie Magic by Entertainment Partners

One finalist will win: Movie Magic Scheduling 5
One finalist will win: Movie Magic Budgeting 7

Movie Magic Scheduling is a software that thinks the way schedulers think, featuring powerful tools that provide increased flexibility and versatility. Movie Magic Budgeting is a budgeting and cost estimation tool used by professionals worldwide. It features an intuitive, flexible format to create and edit comprehensive budgets of all sizes, for all types of productions.

DOT: 360° Video Capture for the iPhone

Several finalists AND film fest attendees will win

As it debuted in the phenomenal presales fundraiser on Kickstarter, the DOT has an exclusive Film Festival Showcase at BIFF 2011. Come see (and win) the amazing camera whose networking and "Dot to Dot" image sharing will take social media in a whole new direction!

New York Film Academy Scholarship

At LEAST one filmmaker will receive a free short-course from NYFA

More Award and Prize announcements coming soon!